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i-Sprint’s Universal Authentication Server Achieved FIDO2 Certification

April 25, 2024

Singapore, 25 April 2024 - i-Sprint’s Universal Authentication Server (UAS) has recently achieved FIDO2 certification, marking a significant milestone in providing enhanced security measures for authentication. FIDO2, which stands for Fast Identity Online, is an open authentication standard set by the FIDO Alliance that aims to revolutionize the way users securely authenticate their online identities.

FIDO2 is the combination of two primary components: Web Authentication (WebAuthn) and Client-to-Authenticator Protocol (CTAP). WebAuthn allows users to authenticate to web applications using public key cryptography instead of passwords, while CTAP enables external security devices such as biometric readers or security keys to communicate securely with the browser.

What are the benefits of FIDO2?

FIDO2 offers several advantages in terms of security, convenience, and interoperability:

Enhanced Security: FIDO2 provides a strong defence against phishing attacks, password breaches, and man-in-the-middle attacks. By leveraging public key cryptography and local attestation, FIDO2 ensures that users’ credentials stay secure.

Passwordless Authentication: With FIDO2, users can eliminate the need to remember complex passwords. Instead, they can rely on secure devices such as biometric readers or security keys, making the authentication process more convenient and user-friendly.

Interoperability: FIDO2 is supported by various platforms, browsers, and devices, offering a standardized approach to authentication across different ecosystems. This allows users to authenticate seamlessly across different services and devices.

What are the challenges of FIDO2?

While FIDO2 brings numerous benefits, there are also some challenges to consider:

Implementation Complexity: Implementing FIDO2 may require significant changes to existing authentication systems and infrastructure. Organizations need to invest resources to ensure a smooth integration of FIDO2 into their existing workflows.

User Adoption: Although password-less authentication is more convenient, it might take time for users to adopt this new method. Education and awareness campaigns can help users understand the benefits and encourage them to switch to FIDO2-enabled devices.

Device Compatibility: While FIDO2 aims for interoperability, not all devices and platforms may fully support the standard. Organizations need to ensure that their systems and applications are compatible with a wide range of FIDO2-enabled devices.

Drawing upon i-Sprint’s wealth of experience and expertise in the financial sector, along with our proven track record of overcoming operational challenges for clients, our team of experts ensures the seamless implementation of our authentication solution. This, in turn, equips organizations with heightened security and enhanced convenience.